For this past year, I have had total control on what is created next. To start off 2017 a little differently, I opened up the floor to all of my followers on Instagram, to give over 20,000 people the chance to give some input on a community led activity to create a piece made out of complete originality! Each day, I would ask the community what type of body part they would like to see. I gave suggestions, but also allowed new input to come in and I tried my best to incorporate what everyone had to say onto our creation. To begin, the majority of people decided that we needed a purple body. Not just your typical body though, this one had a belly that bulged out with joy :) 

Next, we had to figure out what do do about our creatures arms and legs. Nubs seemed to be the common agreement amongst everyone, so our little piece has very flat feet and nubby arms to be able to reach things (sort of). However, wings were also something that everyone wanted to see! Flight wasn't something that could be ignored, so I was challenged with making a nice pair of wings! Yellow and purple, not a common combo, but it works!

You know what they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! Next step was the determine the face, and anime eyes was a unique feature that many wanted to see! Along with horns, lime green horns.. Did I mention lime green eyes? So far, this creature was starting to feel a tad groovy, which I don't think anyone had any complaints about!

Walla! Our creation is finally complete! :) With a little heart tattoo, a neon bowtie, and a halo to show off the grace of our piece, we accomplished our first activity as a community for 2017 and what a blast it was. Please give a warm welcome to Penshi! :)

To top it off, many members who contributed to this project gave some backstory and substance to our lovely piece, feel free to read about our project:


Dear Reader,

Hi! My name is Penshi! I was named after the Japanese word Tenshi, which means angel, combined with the word purple, for obvious reasons! I am young and outgoing, I come from the cuddle bat family and was hatched out of a very pretty.. eggplant. Yup! We don't hatch from eggs, but eggplants instead. We are very rare, as many people mistake us for eggplants and don't feel the need to warm us up to hatch us. What's the cuddle bat family? Here's a brief summary: The cuddle bat family have been known to be the most friendliest monsters of all time. Bringing joy and happiness to children who are afraid of monsters in their closets. Each one is assigned a special child and they stand guard at the closest keeping predators away. Each one has a special magic power like ice or fire even bubbles. I also have another talent of casting love onto scary monsters, turning them soft and cuddly! All my power comes from that heart tattoo on my tummy! However, I didn't have the easiest start beginning in this beautiful world. I've had my fair share of obstacles that I had to overcome. After being mistaken as an eggplant, as we normally are, I was taken from my nest by elephants. As they thudded their way to their home, I was dropped into a stream of warm water that allowed me to hatch. Alone and wet, I didn't know what to do as I had also broken my tailbone while in my eggplant. As I wept, my loving family heard my cries and came for me! They brought me back to our sanctuary and I met the Bat King himself, a true honor. He told me about our ancestors and origins  and told me that I come from the imaginations of many! He granted me the most beautiful, golden wings anyone had ever seen! 

Fast forward to today. I work in a studio in New York that is always stocked up on Red Bean Mochi, my favorite treat! When I sense that my friends are in danger, I use my powers to protect! I try my best, but sometimes when I get too scared, I yell "Plot Twist!" and run away. I'm still learning and trying my best. I have many dreams of my own. I one day hope to have my romance novels become published and be a star! I live a very happy life and have so many loved ones around me. Thank you for taking the time to read my story, maybe this will become published as well! 

Love always,