Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Round-Up

During the entirety of my crochet career, I have focused on doing Amigurumi (doll making) and for most of it, I've always thought I've needed to be restrained to a smaller hook size and smaller yarn. I thought all that fun, chunky type of yarn was meant only for garments! Man, was I wrong. Which is a very pleasant surprise! The first chunky yarn I began experimenting with Wool-Ease Thick & Quick by Lion Brand Yarn! yarn and I have become obsessed. Coming in so many different patterns and solids, you can make just about anything with it! My favorites so far are Fisherman with it's elegant white, Grey Marble, Russet, and Blue Jay. (Seriously, go look at the plethora of a selection here!) It may be the middle of July, but my hands seem to want to still go pick up a large hook and play with this thick goodness yarn! As crafters, we all know that it's easy to have many projects going on at once, and with the winter months coming (Fall especially, can't wait!), it's time to get that chunky yarn out and start those projects and gifts!

Here are some projects I've done using this yarn!

The first time I had ever used this wonderful yarn was making my first garment, which was my ribbed cowl! I wore it all winter, and wow, this Thick and Quick really does keep you quite warm. It's such a pleasant composition! Also, a very good ice breaker in any social scenario, everyone wants to feel your piece and are never dissapointed with how it feels!

Remember how I said I mainly focus on Amigurumi? Well, just because I have been using lots of this Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Yarn, doesn't mean I've slowed down with that art form! I myself haven't found as much of a drive to make fashion pieces (I think that'll change this year though!), so I had this crazy idea; why not explore with wearables and still have fun with Amigurumi at the same time? I couldn't really think of a way to go about doing it in a practical or time efficient way by using a 4mm hook and size 4 yarn, but this chunky yarn fixed that right up! For my first collaboration with Lion Brand Yarn, they were so generous to send me the Thick & Quick and I was able to make this wearable Slothie Scarf! The pattern for it is also available for free on my blog, which can be found here.


Finally, I have to admit that I jumped on that succulent hype! It seems like everyone around is raving about succulents, and for good reason; they are gorgeous and bring any room together! With that in mind, I grabbed my yarn and tried to test the waters of home decor! I am really into creation stories and monsters (probably part of my obsession with Pokemon), so I took inspiration from the World Turtle! It is a creation story, with many different variations that range from culture to culture, but it always includes the massive turtle with the world on its back. Here is the succulent holder I created for it, and the pattern for it is also available on my blog here!


As you can tell, I've become very fond of this yarn! Some of my favorite creations have come from it and the quality of the yarn is unmatched; it's definitely the yarn I use for people I like most when making gifts ;)